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Decoding the Earth for you

The Earth's surface is undergoing rapid transformations. At the same time, the means of observing the Earth are multiplying exponentially. Building solutions that provide information on changes in natural or built environments thus becomes a very complex task. Geophoton exists to meet this challenge and offer you cutting-edge geospatial expertise.

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Our approach

Geophoton operates independently of data and software providers. We craft solutions based on a thorough understanding of the problem at hand, rather than from predetermined choices of data or software. Leveraging our extensive expertise on a very wide array of geospatial data sources and software libraries, we guarantee to deliver the most appropriate solution tailored to your needs, all while minimizing costs.

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Our expertise

Geophoton offers particular expertise in 3D : lidar, photogrammetry, radar interferometry at any scale (satellite, plane or drone), whether for terrain topography, forest structure, or building modeling. Geophoton also excels in the creation and analysis of time series and satellite images, particularly for forest fire monitoring .

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Accueil: À propos de nous

Our expertise

Our software

Geophoton develops tailor-made and deliverable software applications to solve your problems. Automated analysis applications using computer vision , big data processing pipelines, streaming geospatial data analysis such as PYROGEO , nothing is beyond our reach! Among other things, take a look at the free basic version of our tree crown delineation (ITC) software, SEGMA .

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Professional training sessions

Geophoton offers professional training sessions given by an experienced trainer who has provided professional training on subjects such as lidar and photogrammetry (orthorectification, generation of 3D models from images, etc.) in Canada in various departments and organizations, not to mention training sessions given in China, Guinea and Ecuador, in French, English or Spanish.

Accueil: À propos de nous
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